Quick Facts about Rear Facing

Rear Facing is five times safer

80% of all accidents are frontal or offside frontal impacts

In a frontal collision, Rear Facing seats protect your children’s internal organs

In a 30mph frontal collision, your child’s neck is subjected up to 320kg which is equivalent to the weight of 3-4 grown men in a Front Facing seat

Your child’s neck has not yet solidified into bone and is just soft tissue and cartilage

In a Rear Facing seat the forces on your child’s neck is only 50kg

Sweden have rear-faced to the age of 4 since the 1960’s

Between July 2006 and November 2007, no child under the age of 6 died due to a road traffic accident in Sweden

The AA estimates that 205 children are seriously injured and 21 are killed every year due to a road traffic accidents

In tests, the neck has been stretched as much as 2 inches, but the spine can not be stretched more than a quarter of an inch before snapping


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