Rear Facing - Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take my child out of the infant carrier?

You should only take you child out of the infant carrier when they outgrow it.  They only outgrow it when they exceed the weight of the seat (9 or 13kg) or their height exceeds the seat.  Children should not be moved out of their infant carrier  because they have reached a certain age or because they can sit up unaided.

Where do my children’s legs go?

Rear facing seats leave enough space for your child’s legs.  As your child get older, they will bend their legs in a frog legged position.  This is a safe and comfortable position.  There are no reported incidents of children’s injuries to a child’s leg in a rear facing seat compared to lots of reported injuries to a child’s neck and spine in a front facing seat.  

Will my child have a restricted view?

Rear facing seats are higher up and allows you child to see out of the side windows.  In fact they are likely to have a better view than in a front facing seat as children can see out of the back window wheras in a front facing seat, they are looking at the passenger/driver seat?

How can I see my child if they are rearfacing?

You can purchase a mirror to be able to communicate with your child.  This is probably better than turning around to see you front facing child.

Won’t my child prefer to be facing forward?

Your child won’t know anything different as they’ve been rearfacing since their first car journey.  There are plenty of games and toys your child can play with.

Are rear facing car seats more expensive?

They are no more expensive than a good quality forward facing seat.  If you have a tight budget, you may wish to consider a seat from birth to 4 years of age which will save you buying two seats.

Will a rearfacing seat fit in my car?

We recommend you take advantage of our free no obligation demonstration where we can come out to check the car fits safely in your car.

If you are unable to take advantage of this offer, please check our vehicle compatibility lists to check the seat will fit your car.

Do I have to have isofix points and is isofix safer?

No, rearfacing seats are available in isofix and non isofix options.  A seat fitted by isofix points is no safer than one fitted by a seatbelt as long as it is correctly installed.  An isofix seat is simply easier and quicker to install and makes it less likely to get the installation wrong.

How long can I keep my child rear facing.

If you purchase an isofix seat, you will can keep your child rearfacing up to 18kg.  Some seats allow you to go up to 25kg using a seatbelt to install your carseat.

How difficult is installation?

Installation is no more difficult to install than a front facing seat.  ROSPA estimate that 70% of car seats are fitted incorrectly.  As part of the service we offer to you, we will show you how to fit the seat and ensure you know how to fit the seat safely in your car.

Why choose Mama Chic to purchase your car seat?

We offer the following:  

  • We stock a range of seats, to help us find the right seat for you
  •   A free no obligation demonstration to ensure you are happy with the seat, it fits safely in your car and your child is happy in the seat
  •   We'll show you how to fit the seat in your car(s) and make sure you know how to fit it yourself
  •   We will come to your home or workplace 
  • We price match so you know you're getting a great deal
  •   We stock a full range of accessories
  •   We are happy to advise and support you on anything rear facing by telephone or email


What area do you cover for free in car demonstrations?

We are based near Yelverton on Dartmoor, so our usual area is around Plymouth and Tavistock.  However we have fitted seats as far as Launceston, Callington and Torquay.  If your area is covered by this map give us a call: